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Inspiration From Start To Finish

by | Dec 13, 2011 |

About a year and a half ago, my husband Adam began working on a project with his best friend Tim Catalano. They had this crazy idea to write a running book unlike any other on the market. They wanted to produce a book that would help runners get better and gain more satisfaction from their running, but they didn’t want to write about workouts, diet, or strength training. They also didn’t want to get too philosophical about it but to make the book practical, readable, and entertaining. I couldn’t really understand what they had in mind but I played the role of a supportive wife and encouraged Adam to follow his heart and to go for it.

In July of 2009, Tim came out to our house in Portland for weeks to brainstorm the book and set up a business plan. It was great to see Adam so excited about the project as they developed an outline of the chapters and an overall flow to the book. As usual they made fun and insulted each another at every opportunity. This is something I will never understand about men, but I have learned over the years to let Adam and Tim tear each other apart!  Adam and Tim are always looking for a way to make an already difficult task even harder. Wanting to do everything themselves from start to finish, they decided to self publish even before they had an outline of the book! I was skeptical but too pregnant to care so I remained supportive and stayed out of it.

Our office was a mess sometimes spilling out into the living room with notecards, tablets, and a large whiteboard that was constantly changing as they tried to organize their thoughts. Occasionally they would ask for my opinion, but for the most part they kept to themselves and burned the midnight oil until they had a plan.  My task was to keep them fed and remind them to tidy up the office.  Then came the writing.

The book came together a chapter at a time. We decided ahead of time that I would not read any drafts of the manuscript or chapters until the finished product was ready. It was so hard not to read it when Adam would get excited about an idea or section, but I managed to stay away. Several months later they had finished the manuscript and sent it off to their editor.  Because they decided to self publish, it was time to decide on an interior design, start work on a cover, get ISBN numbers, register with the Library of Congress and a host of other details and tasks they had no clue how to accomplish. Somehow they got it all done and on September 1st 2010, they did a limited release of “Running the Edge” deciding only to sell the book from their website and on Amazon. They will do a full release of the book in July.

I have seen Adam edgy before national and world championship races many times but I don’t think I have ever seen him this nervous! He had poured so much of himself into this book, and wanted more than anything for it to be well received. Even though I had not read it yet, I ensured him that people would like it.

Now three and a half months since its release it has had tremendous reviews and is gaining steadily in sales and popularity. Adam and Tim are still doing it all themselves and still belittling each other every step of the way. The latest argument is who took the cover photo of the trail at Mt. Saint Helens. (I will have to give my vote to Adam here.  I was there, and although I was hugely pregnant, I’m sure that he took that picture).

When I finally had a chance to sit down and read the book for myself, I understood just why it is doing so well. Both Adam and Tim made this book intensely personal and engaging. I am so glad readers of this book get to know a different side of my husband than what has been written in papers, blogs, running magazines, and  books like “Running with the Buffaloes.” The real Adam lives on these pages. The Adam who is always striving to do the right thing and beats himself up when he makes a mistake. The Adam who wants more than anything to be good at everything he does including being the most amazing husband and father. The Adam who loves to run and  passionately supports me in my pursuits.

I am so proud of Adam and Tim for writing this book. I found so much inspiration and motivation in it and more importantly I realize that runners of all levels are the same at heart. We may have different abilities and goals, but we are all out their pushing our limits and running our edges to find out just how good we can become.  Check out “Running the Edge” ( if you want a great read or a Holiday gift to inspire you to run and live your life to the fullest.  And I would of course have to recommend my book “Kara Goucher’s Running for Women” too!