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What A Year

by | Jul 22, 2011 |

I’ve had a birthday since I last blogged. On July 9th I found myself thinking about how much had happened since my last birthday. It’s hard to believe that only 12 months ago I was pregnant and as far away from peak running form as I’ve been in years. Today I have an incredible relationship with a beautiful baby who is quickly becoming a little boy, and I’m close to running as well as I ever have—at least in training.

On July 9th last year I was seven months pregnant. I knew Colt only as this little creature inside me that gave me acid reflux when I ate too much Ben & Jerry’s and that kept me from sleeping with night hiccups (why only night hiccups?). Fast-forward one year and Colt is now a loud, constantly moving, happy person. He will be ten months old on Monday, and at the rate he’s going he will be walking by then. Just a few months ago Adam and I could plop Colt down in a swing and leave him there for a little while, knowing he was safe. Today we can’t turn our backs on him for one second or he’ll get himself into some kind of trouble.

There’s a new “first” for Colt almost every day. The thing I enjoy most about watching him develop is seeing his personality and preferences emerge. Colt loves to swim. When we take him to the pool and he realizes where he is he goes crazy with excitement. It’s too cute—but I don’t know where it comes from. It would be pretty funny if the child of two runners became a swimmer.

On my recent birthday I also recalled that slow, painful (yet wonderful) first run I did after giving birth to Colt, and the road my running has taken since then. It has taken a long time to regain the level of fitness I had before I got pregnant, and it’s taken a tremendous amount of hard work, day after day. I still haven’t had a post-pregnancy race where I competed the way I used to compete. But I think it’s coming soon.

My sprint speed is the one thing that’s still missing. Not that I ever had a ton of sprint speed, but I used to be able to squeak under 30 seconds in 200-meter repeats, but I can’t quite do it now. I am, however, every bit as strong as I used to be. I proved this to myself in a recent track workout that consisted of 2 x (1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m). I ran the first set in 4:52, 3:36, 2:19, and 1:06, and the second set in 4:50, 3:35, 2:19, 1:06. That’s about as fast as I’ve ever gone in this workout, and I did it in pouring rain. A big confidence builder.

That workout took place in Portland. I’m in Utah right now. We came here a bit earlier than planned to escape the relentless rain that’s been ruining summer in Portland. The weather here has been gorgeous, and although I miss my friends back home, I’m glad we made the decision to fly the coop.

Soon I’ll be flying to London to race the 5K at the Avia London Grand Prix. My theme for that race is aggression. It’s always been my style to race aggressively, but I haven’t been able to do that in a while because my body lacked the strength to give me the confidence and fire I need to race aggressively. I’m ready now, and I can’t wait.