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When Not To Move

by | Sep 13, 2010 |

Here’s a little free advice: Never move when you are nine months pregnant. This is such an obviously bad idea that you might think no one would need to be warned not to try it. But I did! Adam and I moved into a new home last week, just three weeks before I’m due to give birth. I survived it, but let me tell you: never again!

It’s not as if I planned to move when I was nine months pregnant. Adam and I sat down with an architect to plan out our dream home two years ago. I just happened to get pregnant nine months before the house was to be completed. We could have delayed the move a bit, but I think that trying to move with a newborn would be even crazier than trying to move nine months pregnant.

One of our neighbors at our old neighborhood is from China. He saw me bustling around on moving day and came out to talk. “In China, pregnant women rest,” he told me.

I see the wisdom in that, but I didn’t do anything stupid. I didn’t try to move heavy furniture or anything. My main roles were organizing, packing, and unpacking, which are good roles for me because I’m a total control freak. Sometimes I’m so on top of things that it bites me in the butt, like when I packed all of Adam’s and my running shoes in a box that wound up buried under a whole bunch of other boxes and took forever to find in the new home. Not smart for a couple of professional runners!

We had a couple of very long days. When we finally had everything in the new house Adam suggested we take a break and watch a movie with his sister Debbie, who came to help out. I sat on the couch thinking about all of the unopened boxes in the dining room the whole time the movie was playing, and as soon as it ended I went in there and got back to work. I can’t help it—I just can’t relax until everything is where it’s supposed to be.

After a couple more hours of unpacking boxes and shuffling furniture around Adam checked his watch and saw that it was 1:00 am. “What the heck are we doing?” he said. At that point even I realized that enough was enough.

Now the house looks great and we’re just dealing with those little irritating issues that always come up when you move. Like the fact that my cell phone only has reception when it’s sitting on the kitchen windowsill. But all of that stuff will soon be taken care of, and in the meantime I’m relieved to know that Adam and I will have a cozy, happy nest ready to bring our new baby home to. No, I’ll never do this again, but I also have no regrets.